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Mayhem in Memphis

The writers of Malice in Memphis understand that any time you get a big group of people together to go hog wild, there's a perfect opportunity for crime. Each of the tales in Mayhem in Memphis deals with murder or theft or some other action, polite — and not so polite — that society frowns on.
Needless to say, the stories are fiction, and so are all the characters, but the settings are quite real.
This is the fourth Malice in Memphis anthology of crime-ridden short stories set around the Memphis bluff.
Read them all, why don't you?
You'll have a blast.

Malice in Memphis: Elmwood: Stories to Die For

The amazing storytellers of Malice in Memphis specialize in taking historical locations and fictionally embellishing them with new characters, mysteries, and murder. They have now taken on Memphis' finest and oldest active burial ground, the famous Elmwood Cemetery.

Founded in 1852, it is the final resting place of over 75,000 residents. From the common to the infamous, from the powerful to the famous, they are all here. The tapestry of life and death in the Mid-South is laid out in a beautiful garden cemetery with sweeping vistas, massive ancient trees, and spectacular monuments from the Victorian age to modern sculptures.

Malice in Memphis is now adding their special touch to the myriad of stories drifting among the mausoleums.

2018 Imadjinn award winning anthology!

Malice in Memphis: Bluff City Mysteries

All the stories in Bluff City Mysteries are pure fiction, even if the locations in which they take place aren't. Our mystery writers group, Malice in Memphis, is always looking for interesting local landmarks to use as settings for great mysteries. The characters who inhabit these places in our stories are also fictional, as are the things they do, both good and bad.

So don't blame the landmarks we've used. Remember, it's all fiction...

Malice in Memphis: Ghost Stories

The ghost stories and the characters in this book are pure fiction, even if the locations in which they were set are not. The tales, written by members of Malice in Memphs, showcase some of the Mid-South's more interesting historical locations.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, we hope that you'll enjoy these eerie stories of southern supernatural doings.

1-CVR Murder in Midtown.jpg

Midtown Memphis is the scene of a grizzly murder of a pregnant woman, stabbed multiple times in her own home.

Detectives Hunter and Emerson land the case. They first set sights on the live-in boyfriend as the attack is personal in nature.

But when suspects appear at every turn, the detectives are on a race to find the true killer.

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2-CVR Voodoo Village.jpg

Just about anyone who grew up in and around Memphis has heard of Voodoo Village.

A drive down the darkened street was a Friday night ritual for many.

Urban legend says if you trespass, you will be blocked in and never heard from again.

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3-CVR Haunting Hailey.jpg

After her aunt's death, Hailey inherits a 1920's Craftsman style home in Midtown Memphis. With a plan to renovate and start a family, she has high hopes for her future even after being laid off from work.
Her boyfriend Tyler insists she sell because the home creeps him out. After a heartbreaking breakup, Hailey begins restoring the old home on her own, only to find herself haunted by a ghost who becomes more and more volatile. Meanwhile, disappearances in her neighborhood has the city on high alert. Her boyfriend Tyler returns with a change of heart, only to have him disappear the next day.

Will Hailey figure out what the ghost wants before she becomes the next victim?

Or is there something more sinister at play?

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4-CVR Rainbow Lake.jpg

In the 1960's a woman in a blue dress was found raped and stabbed in Rainbow Lake located within Overton Park in Memphis, Tennessee. The case was never solved. It's said she haunts the lake to this day.
Years later, now retired, the first responder to the crime, Cap'n White, remains tormented by the fifty-plus year-old case. When his grandson is promoted to the homicide division, a similar case lands in his lap. Both victims have been raped and stabbed multiple times, the only exception to the original crime is the bodies aren't tossed into the lake. Are the cases related, or is it coincidence?
Will the current events help Cap'n find closure to the cold case?

Or will he be forever trapped with the Blue Lady in Rainbow Lake?

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5-CVR Grave Robbers.jpg

In Elmwood, Memphis' oldest cemetery, an unusual group of thieves has taken up residence. This group prefers to work nights, but times are hard. They must go where the loot is easiest to lift. Seems the dead don't put up a fight over their earthly possessions. But the living? They do not take kindly.

Will the bandits outsmart the cemetery employees, or will their crime spree end?

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6-CVR Un-a-were.jpg

As details of mutilated bodies surfacing in the state park behind her home blare through the car stereo, distracted veterinarian Mary Ellen Mhoonbeam, hits a dog in the middle of the night. She takes the injured animal to the clinic where she works, only to discover the dog to be a wolf, or at least part. Additionally weird, is how quickly he heals. Then add the fact she can hear the wolf's thoughts and Mary Ellen thinks she's loosing her mind after a hard break-up. But after accepting the fact she can hear his thoughts, she takes the wolf home with her to figure out their connection. As their bond grows, she spends all her free time with the wolf.

And the killings stop.


Until Mary Ellen sends the wolf away after a misunderstanding, and the killing begins again. Is the wolf the creature killing in the woods? Could Mary Ellen be in danger? Or is something more sinister at play?

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7-CVR Mist.jpg

Mist is the tragic tale of forbidden love between a mortal Viking and Mist, Valkyrie Warrior Goddess.

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I've decided to take Mysta out of publication for now. You might still find a few used copies on Amazon. Or you can contact me for a copy.


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