I also enjoy painting and photography. Here are a few examples...




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4-Tattooed Trucker Cover.jpg

My Alter Egos...

Rissa Krisly

Can be enjoyed individually or as a series...

     Newly divorced and in a rut, Rissa Krisly, quit her high-powered, high-paying job, sold her condo, and purchased a Freightliner. She now drives cross-country under the moniker of Gypsy Hardt as an unrestricted woman, taking her pleasure from whomever, and wherever she pleases — but mostly in the cab of her truck.

     Join Gypsy on her traveling sexcapades that will hold you enthralled while squirming with desire.

1-Riding the Big Rig Cover.jpg
2-Hot Trucker Cover.jpg
3-Cowboy Trucker Cover.jpg
5-Biker Dude Cover.jpg
6-Twisted Scot Cover.jpg
7-Hwy Patrol Hottie Cover.jpg
8-Mechanic Man.jpg
9-Misbehaving Manager.jpg
10-Frisky Farmer.jpg
11-Chef Yummy.jpg
12-Bad Boy Bartenders.jpg
13-Dirty Doctor.jpg
14-Doctor's Exam-Dirty Doctor 2.jpg

Tris Blake

A series of short erotic office stories that are best read in order, but can easily standalone...

     When Emma receives a sexy mystery text while at work, she believes it must be a mistake. The sender assures her it is not, and as the heat levels increase, will her sexting land her under the bus, or under the boss? This erotic office romance follows Emma as she explores her sexuality with a bossy alpha male. Has she found her one-and-only, or will their forbidden romance ruin them both?

1-Boss Me.jpg
2-Command Me.jpg
3-Demand Me.jpg
4-Evoke Me.jpg
5-Forget Me.jpg
6-Govern Me.jpg
7-Honor Me.jpg
8-Indulge Me.jpg
9-Justify Me.jpg
10-Keep Me.jpg
11-Love Me.jpg
12-Marry Me.jpg

Darby Striker

Bedtime Stories with a forbidden twist...

This series of unrelated shorts brings tales of the forbidden to life. From best family friends, mother's ex-husband, to your sister's ex, dive into these tales of love that shouldn't have happened but did.

1-My Brother's Best Friend.jpg
2-My Father's Best Friend.jpg
3-Getting Even with Mom.jpg
5-My Sister's Boyfriend.jpg