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November 27, 2018

Does the sound of someone chewing with their mouth open drive you insane?


If so, you are NOT alone. Besides the rudeness factor, it's a real condition known as Misophonia.  According to WEB MD, this is also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome, which starts with a trigger. It's often an oral sound -- the noise someone makes when they eat, breathe, chew, yawn, or whistle.



I cringe and want to run from the room screaming when someone whistles. Same for smacking when eating. That really makes me crazy. Machines that make repetitive noises can also be a prompt. I have extra sensitive ears and loud noises give me trouble.


I don't visit movie theaters often due to the surround sound that rings in my ears long after the movie is over. And, yes, I've tried ear plugs. Some noises seem to break through. To explain my hearing trauma a bit more, understand I can be in the back of the house with the TV going, three rooms away, and hear water boiling in the kitchen. Yeah, I hear too well. I've often wondered if I'm loosing my hearing. It's said sounds become more vivid right before your hearing fails, but so far, the doctor says I'm good, says I'm just blessed with bionic ears.


Great. Can I exchange that for a bionic brain?


The condition of Misophonia can cause anxiety, the urge to flee, panic, anger, and emotional distress. I'm lucky that I don't want to kill someone for smacking when they eat, or when they whistle. But for those who suffer to the point of losing your mind, you can find support here: https://misophonia-association.org/







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