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Education Matters

August 21, 2018

Back in my day, you attended public school unless your parents had the money to send you to private school. Now there are more options, Charter, Optional, home school, and even K-12 online schooling.


The oldest daughter, now 30, begged to be home schooled. That wasn't an option for us at that time since I worked outside the home, and there would be no one there to oversee said home schooling. The middle son, now 23, thrived in public schools thanks to the Marine JROTC program. The youngest daughter, now 15.5 (can't forget the half) and a sophomore in high school, wants to be home schooled. She feels the curriculum doesn't challenge her anymore.


And I'm considering it.


Actually, I'm considering allowing her to withdraw when she turns 16, get her GED, and start to college or a trade school early. Where we live, if you pass the GED, you qualify for college/trade school, and in most cases receive a grant toward that higher education.


The idea I'm considering this says a lot for the state of our education system, and myself. I would not have considered this with my older two children, but I am now.


Sad, but true.





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