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Busy Bee

May 2, 2018

It's been a while since I posted. I've been a busy little bee.


Yeah, I know, I know, excuses, excuses. But that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;-)


Malice in Memphis' first annual writing contest just closed. Pretty good response our first time out, and lots of awesome entries. Now the fun of judging begins. Thankfully, I can't judge since I'm the president of the group. Small favors.


We're gearing up to release our fourth anthology. We'd hoped to have it out by now, but as there usually is in this process, there's been a glitch. But don't you worry, it'll be out soon, just not as soon as we'd hoped. Go check out the group and what we're up to at maliceinmemphis.com.


Dark Oak Press is also sponsoring writing seminars monthly that myself and fellow Dark Oak Author Pat Sawtelle have been hosting with Managing Editor of Dark Oak and Geek Tank Radio personality, Allan Gilbreath. We'll be having more guests as we go along. Go check it out at darkaokpress.com under youtube videos.


With fellow Malice member and friend, Juanita D Houston, I've also taken up ghost hunting for a novel we are co-authoring about the haunted Maley Manor in Covington, Tennessee. We've also gotten involved in the Pyrate Blades. Yes, that's pirates fighting for your entertainment, so you might catch us swinging swords at each other from time to time, too.


And the follow-up to Mysta entitled Mysticalities is in the works for release soon.


While Mysta's husband Garik is deployed on his final mission for the Navy SEALs, Daniel resigns his commission and returns to Memphis to find Mysta suffering morning sickness. He also finds his attraction to Ashlyn is stronger than before.


But Hel, goddess of the Underworld, has sent her subject Garm to capture Daniel. He will, of course, interfere with their connection while he's up to no good.


Drew of Big Cat Studios sets his sights on Mysta, pressuring her to star in his next film. He refuses to take 'no' for an answer. And he wants more than her acting abilities. When she refuses him, he sets her up by forcing a kiss on her while being photographed. When the news breaks, Gramma calls in Marco for backup who brings with him a huge interview and photo shoot deal to counteract Drew's story. But while in Mysta's apartment, he is repossessed by Ormer once near his trapped spirit. 


Guess what happens then?


Buy the book when it's released and you'll find out. ;-)


I've finished book three and am hard at work on book four, as well as other various writing projects. There's just not enough hours the day, I tell you.




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