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Road Trip to Imaginarium

October 13, 2017

My partners in crime Juanita, Angelyn and I hit the road early last Friday morning on our way to Louisville, KY for the Imaginarium Writers Convention. Writers of all skill levels will find something at this convention to be of interest. Don't ever believe you know it all, because there's always something to learn in this ever changing business of writing. It's good to connect with others in the business to keep up with current and upcoming trends, as well as improving your craft. Craft can always be improved. If you ever reach the point where you believe you know it all, then you're committing a disservice to yourself. There's always something to take away.


So back to our road trip...we decided to break up the drive with a few stops at wineries along the way. Our first stop was Long Hollow Winery in Goodlettsville just outside of Nashville. The entrance is a stone turret and won my attention straight away.



The next thing that required my attention was the Mercedes that followed us into the lot and blocked us in. I opened my door with my hand on my weapon, you know, just in case, when dude apologizes for scaring us as he just wants to admire my SUV.




Dude, really?


It's a solid black 2011 Kia Sorento. Yes, it looks pretty good, but it's nothing special. Nothing to warrant that kind of admiration from a man driving a Mercedes of all things. He just wanted to let me know how good it looked driving down the road, asked a few questions, and drove away.


Plain weird is what is was. And the three of us agreed he had nefarious intentions. I guess that's the mystery writer in all of us coming to the surface. I've got several story ideas brewing from that one interaction alone. In fact, over the weekend, the three of us came up with some kind of idea to write about. That alone made the trip worthwhile.


Anyway, inside the winery didn't disappoint either. They are in the midst of remodeling, but that didn't take away from the beauty of the interior. They had this car on display inside as well.




Of the three wineries we visited, I enjoyed the wine and atmosphere at Long Hollow the best. We plan another trip up soon to replenish our supplies. If you like sweet wines, you'll love their Strawberry and Blackberry wines. They don't mix the berries with grapes so it has a more fruit flavor to match the name than any other wine I've tasted. Both get a thumbs up from me.


If in the Memphis area, Dark Oak Press - It's All About Writing, will hold the next writing seminar on October 19, 7 pm at National College. Come learn how to make sure your submission is shined and polished before you hit send.


Next on the Malice in Memphis agenda is our first book signing for the Elmwood: Stories to Die For release at BookStop Plus bookstore in Bartlett, a big supporter of Malice, on October 28 at 11 am. If in the area, please drop by and pick up a copy of our latest anthology. 



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