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Mist Part VII

August 18, 2017

We're winding down. Stay tuned for the final installment Friday, August 25.



Standing, Ormer relished the new body, laughed at its good fortune, skipped to council chambers, giddy with the knowledge it would soon possess the one thing it always coveted. She would belong to it by tomorrow, and her power combined with it’s would…


Ormer shivered with excitement.


No one could stop it now.


But the council hesitated to issue swift justice to a decorated warrior, and a Valkyrie goddess of high standing.


“Rules are rules,” the possessed Sigragi said. “If you tarry, there will be an uprising of others willing to disregard your laws. You must act swiftly, or all credibility will be lost.” The entity paced the chamber, relished the moment with a smirk.


“To keep this from happening again, I advise executing the Commander, and imprisoning Mist. The death penalty to one of Sigvarðr’s position would certainly thwart others’ desires to sully ’nother warrior goddess.” It huffed on its nails, buffed them against its shirt, all too pleased with itself. Excitement grew.


The council members glanced from one to the other. “We shall send for the couple to be tried for the crimes you bring forth. If found guilty by the gods, then punishment shall be meted as the law allows.”


“Entrust a council member with me and I shall bring them in,” Sigragi said.


The fiend smiled with euphoria. It had no intention of bringing them in. Instead, it imagined thrusting a sword into the Commander, hijacking his soul. Then Ormer would escort Mist to the Underworld where it would make her its own, and use her to escape this damnation. Odin would be tormented knowing it possessed Mist, and the warrior he most desired. Yes, this plan is far better than ever imagined.


Ormer laughed evilly.

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