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Mist - Part III

July 21, 2017

The crown of the tree appeared. Soon the entire ash bordered by the forest came into view, and beside it…stood Sigvarðr, the quintessence of masculinity with bulging muscles, and hard chiseled features that suited his ruthless veneer.


Doubt filled her mind.


Neither should be here.


Nothing good could come from their furtive meeting. After the smoldering kiss they’d shared, she knew where this would lead, but she could not deny the magnetism between them.


He pushed from the tree.


She stood before him. His smile softened his harsh features, made him more handsome. His thumb caressed the back of her hand, trailed fire with each stroke. Her breath hitched.


“I feared you would not come,” he whispered.


Unable to stop herself, she placed her hand on his check. Their gazes locked.


A soft moan escaped him. “Forgive me, Goddess.” His lips crushed hers. Electricity arced between them. His arms bound her to him.


Her hands clasped his neck. She trembled from the forceful sensations blooming in her body. Fingers plunged into his hair, tightened in the strands, held him to her, deepened contact. She’d become breathless, dizzy. She held tight, relishing the vibrations coursing through her, never wanting it to end.


He broke the kiss with a groan, rested his forehead against hers. With a sigh, he led her to a downed tree, allowed her to sit, took rest beside her, kept hold of her hand, took what comfort he could in the short time they had.


Thundering hooves broke their bliss. He grabbed her around the waist, pulled her to the ground behind the tree, covered her with his body.


Guards patrolled. They faced severe consequences if caught alone together.


“You must go now,” he whispered.


His warm breath against her cheek, the feel of his hard body on hers, set her aflame. She didn’t want to be caught, yet she hated to leave him. “What about you?”


“I’ll be fine unless they see us. Go, before it is too late. I wish to see you again, but we must not be caught now for that to happen. Yes?”


“Yes,” she sighed, and turned to vapor, blended with the fog enveloping the land. She floated nearby, unable to leave him until he arrived safely at camp.

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