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What Started It All

June 30, 2017

I’ve had several questions posed to me since Mysta’s release in August 2016 as to where my idea for the book came from. What started it all?


The premise hit and wouldn't release me. I kept imagining a powerful woman casting her lover's soul into the universe to save his life, attaching her soul so eventually they'd find each other.


I researched Norse Mythology; found the Valkyries, specifically Mist who like her name, could turn to fog. Being a Valkyrie, she was able to control souls, either issuing commendation by serving the afterlife in Odin's army, or condemnation – cast into the cold, dank world of Hel, goddess of the Underworld.


Mist was perfect for my lead character.



The novel MYSTA started as the short story, Mist, which I dissected throughout the book, but the majority is now part of Chapter Twenty. When I finally wrote THE END, the characters kept pestering me.


“This is not the end! Our story is not over,” they kept chanting in my head until I gave in and allowed them find each other in modern times.


And even that wasn’t the end. The saga continues…


So to hopefully temp you into purchasing MYSTA, and in anticipation of drumming up interest in book two which is coming soon, I asked my publisher if I could release Mist, the short story that started it all, here on this blog. He thought it was a fabulous idea, so I plan to break it down into small installments over an eight week period. The first episode will be released on July 7th with the others to follow every Friday through August 25th.


So stayed tuned to see what started it all.

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