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Trying New Things to Promote Books

June 23, 2017

This week I did something new. I joined a fellow Dark Oak Press author Robert Krog in a radio spot on local WKNO 91.1 in their Checking on the Arts segment. Darel Snodgrass was nice enough to allow us on to promote our schedule of local signings and talks ranging from A Peek Inside an Authors Mind to Suspense vs Cozy Tension.


We don’t want to just sit at a table and peddle our books…well, yes we do, but we also want to give you, the reader, a chance to get to know us and what makes us tick, where our ideas come from and how we develop them, all while we hopefully sell our books and help promote the independent books stores who will host us. They need our love, too.


To be honest, writing the book is a lot easier than promoting said book, especially when you have a small budget for advertising to work with. It’s also very hard to promote while trying to write. I’m pretty sure most authors suffer this problem. Currently, I’m working to get book two in my Mystical Series released as I simultaneously compile two anthologies for my writers group, and finish book three while starting book four. And I just launched my first website. Oh, and I also work a high-stress full-time job, and have a family.


I think the family still remembers what I look like. Unfortunately, they get used to hearing, “I can’t. I’ve got to write.”


Quit whining, you say?


Not whining. I swear. I loathe whiners. And my story is no different than any other writer out there. We all struggle to compartmentalize, but with the Three Ds – dedication, discipline and determination, you can manage. In my guest blog appearance in Southern Writer’s Magazine Suite T last year, I talked about the Three Ds and how hard self-promotion can be. You have to put yourself “Out There,” which can be hard enough for an introvert like me.


And might I add, I write better than I speak, so there’s that.


In my SWM blog, I mentioned how you have to organize and plan. Utilize whatever resources you can. Talk to people, which can be the hardest part sometimes. Go on the radio if the opportunity arises. Offer yourself as sacrificial book club speaker…whatever it takes. Get your name, or brand, “Out There.” We’ve got social media at our fingertips, and it’s still difficult to get nationwide, much less worldwide publicity for the small press or independent author.


So do us a favor, buy our books, share our posts, leave reviews – but hey, be nice. If you don’t like a book, just don’t leave a review. No need to shame the author if something isn’t your cup of tea. But if you do like a book, please leave a review and share, share, share our posts.


As Paul Shane Spear said, “As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world for one person.”


The book you purchase, the review you leave, or the post you share could change an author’s world.


If you’re in the Memphis area, please come see us at one or all of the below events!






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