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Welcome to the Mystical Realm of Kristi Bradley

June 16, 2017


As my logo reveals, I write a blend of paranormal, mystery & suspense, and romance. My first paranormal romantic suspense, Mysta, was published by Dark Oak Press August 2016. We’re working to get the second in the series out soon. I also have several short stories published in the Malice in Memphis Mystery Writers Group anthologies, as well as other outlets.


I’ve played around with starting a website/blog for several years. Why am I just now getting around to launching, you ask? I’ve made a few guest blog posts before, but I’ve had a topic or interview questions which made it easier to write. And I didn’t know what the hell to blog about that everyone else hasn’t already done. And done again.


So I recently had an epiphany and decided not to stress over it and blog about whatever enters my mind.


Muwahaha! I guess I should say, welcome to the deepest, darkest recesses of my realm.


So…guess what’s on my mind?


Indie movies.


I went to a private screening of In Search of Fellini the other night. For those of you who don’t know, Fellini was an Italian screenwriter and film director. He had a style all his own, blending extravagance with vulgarity. He is recognized as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers of all time.


The film, In Search of Fellini, is loosely based on Nancy Cartwright’s life. You know who Nancy Cartwright is, right? She’s the voice of Bart Simpson. She also has a production company by the name of Spotted Cow Productions, and they will be producing a new young adult movie in Memphis in October if funding comes through. Funding being the elemental word here.


Investors needed.



In Search of Fellini was an excellent film, both funny and touching with beautiful cinematography. The main character lived a very sheltered life. Her mother wanted to protect her from bad things, never let her learn to handle anything negative, so when Mom got cancer…yeah. She tried to hide it from her daughter and sent her out into the big bad world to find a job with no experience with, well, anything. She finds trouble the minute she lands in the big city, but makes it through with a new obsession of Fellini. So when Mom forces her to leave home and ‘get a life,’ she goes to Italy.


In Search of Fellini.


You’ll have to watch the film to learn what happens. It’s worth your time. It will be available in limited release in September. See, with independent films, there’s not a big budget for advertising, so going to see these films and word of mouth is what helps award them full release.


It’s the same with Indie and small press authors like me. We don’t have a big budget for advertising. May not have a budget at all, so word of mouth and reviews are what help promote our books. Amazon won’t even promote you unless you reach like 80 reviews. Ouch.


So please support Indie films, and Indie and small press authors, too, by going to see the films, purchasing our books, and leaving reviews.


The mouth you feed could be my own.



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